Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rivah Couch Slip Cover

I have been working diligently at the Rivah House..whew...when does one get to rest???

My son worked at a furniture manufacturing plant for about 2 years and I was able to get a great couch from him last year.  It is all upholstered and is a wonderful couch, possibly the most comfortable couch I have every owned... but I wanted it for the Rivah House and knew I would need to recover it to save the upholstery and to just give it a more cottage look...Here is the before picture

Well - as I said I wanted to make it more of a cottage look - WELL - the fabric I used I also got from my son's work --I was able to get all of this for a VERY GOOD PRICE...I really wanted to go for white, but that is not what I had so here is the final result.....

It's kind of fancy for the Rivah, but I'm not too worried about it - I'll just want to change it in due time anyway!!!

Try to ignore all the 'stuff' around...I'm busy you know - can't think of everything..

Now if I could only convince my family to let me paint those dark walls - uggg..maybe one day they will see it my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you'll come back soon- got lots more to show you what I've been working on...

Going on over to Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday


  1. Well, I love it! And with those sweet dogs right up there, Jake and Dunker, I am sure it will wear better then the white would have! (I found you through Coastal Charm. I'm right after you...come see my Mad Hatter's Hat!)

    Vicky @ sleeping in an unmade bed

  2. Looks awesome! You are a slip cover pro now. There's a new angle for your store you've always talked about opening! (and I worked there for almost 4 years!)