Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easter On Parade - Tablescape

Since Easter is just around the corner and I wanted to head over to Tablescape Thursday  at  Between Naps On The Porch   I decided to share an Easter tablescape..Come on over and check out the beautiful tables...

The table I am sharing with you today is from Easter 2008 - I love Easter time - the colors are so fun and it is starting to feel like Spring...

We don't usually have a big crowd for Easter, as some of our children live out of town and some of the other local ones have other places they need to go...This Easter we had 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren join us..You can see where the grandchildren will sit :-)

they have toys and of course candy for the holiday!!!  ummm chocolate must be in there somewhere!!!
Of course we can't forget the fabulous flowers for the wonderful season - so let's do colored roses ..ahhhh don't you just love all the colors roses you can now buy?

The most fun from this year was..
the small plant containers around the flowers?

that is actually pudding with crushed Oreo cookies on top to look like dirt and then a 'fake' flower inserted..
We told my 7 (at the time) year old grandson that he could eat dirt TODAY only..he said no way - well his Dad picked up a pot and started eating it - WOW what a reaction we got from Dylan (grandson!!) was so funny, but then he could hardly wait to try it..
To this day he always asks if I am going to make the 'dirt' dessert and YES I always do for EASTER's now a fun tradition..


  1. Add some gummy worms to those pots, the kids will love it! I taught school for 33 yrs and the dirt cake was always a hit..:)
    Cute table..I am having Easter here too, but ST. Patrick's Day needs to get celebrated first..

  2. What a lovely and cheerful table you have set!

  3. oh, i like your happy, happy colors on your table! they say, "spring is here!". your chairs remind me of ones my grandmother used to have... i can just picture our whole family at your table -- it's so welcoming! thanks for sharing. (o: happy easter!

  4. sweet. Aren't you just ready to do it all over again for 2010...have fun playing in the dishes this spring.

  5. Your cheery table tells me spring is around the corner! Who doesn't love dirt pudding!

  6. Oh... what a beautiful table!! I love the barely pink glasses! What a fun tradition to do with your family... who doesn't love some good ol' dirt?!

  7. Love the Easter colors! The roses look pretty with mixed colors. BTW, I love dirt and worms too! Joan

  8. Oh my, what pretty cheerful colors. You made me feel like spring is here already.

  9. Such a bright and cheery tablesetting, looks like a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy a meal together.

  10. Beautiful and so Eastery! :)