Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love Beads

WOW --- We have been road warriors the last week - with my husband's job we had to 'tour' the state of Florida - it's quite a large state :-)...Very beautiful in so many places, but we were on a very short time-frame so no time to stop and look around - So I dreamed of all those fabulous shops, flea markets etc from a distance..sniff, sniff!!!!!

Well - tonight we had a chance to stop early and I had the opportunity to do some shopping at a bead store that happens to be close to our motel !!! Thought I'd show you what I saw AND what I bought...


This store has rows and rows of beautiful beads...Making jewelry is just another one of my favorite things to do!!!!!   I'm always looking for pink beads - I can never find many that I really like...
WELL tonight I did find some I loved.. Check these out!!!!

They don't show quite the color they are - but they really are fabulous - Can't wait to get home and put them all together into something wonderful - I hope!!!!
 Hope you will come back to check it out....

Well tomorrow it is back on the road - will hopefully find time to post something fun we get to do in Florida..

have a great week....
BEad the Best you can BEad
corny huh - oh well I tried!!!

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  1. Hi Brenda...Just found you!
    Nice to meet you and your blog!
    I love beads too!
    I do Lampworking as a business in my home...
    about 7 years now.
    I enjoyed looking through some of your past posts this evening...
    Looking forward to getting to know you better.
    Stop over anytime...
    Love to have you visit too!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. What a great store! Can't wait to see your completed bead project!

  3. Hi Brenda, So glad you stopped by it's always nice to meet new friends. I'm following you now so I don't miss a thing.

    I love your elephant quilt. Mom quilts and today we are going to see the Lancaster County quilt show. It's quite a large show in the new convention center. Excited! Pictures to follow!

    The French paste wax is amazing and I get it from a local French COuntry Antique shop. It's rather expensive at $30 a small can but a little goes a long way and I have used it for all of my painted furniture once around and then some and I still have about 1/4 of the can left. She brings it over directly from France with her antiques.

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. nice to meet you! I love the beads...they are so interesting to see all the different ones you can get now!

  5. Hi Brenda. I'm a new follower. I'll be stopping by often. Take care.

  6. Looks like a PRETTY shop with all those awesome beads...thanks for sharing it:)


  7. Love all of those beads! Yes, must be cautious. I see another addiction just like pretty ribbons, scrapbook papers, fabric...etc. ;)

    I wanted to tell you thanks for stopping by too - it lead me back to you a few days ago. And today, the chair makeover? She used Valspar's Delicate White. :)

    Talk to you soon!


  8. I popped in from somewhere? I just can't remember.
    Beads.... I just love to run my hands through them.

    Looking forward to reading more-