Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's Slip Cover Mom

Well NOT literally 'Slip Cover Mom'......hehehehehehehe...

I'm a little late to the Slip Cover Party over at Pink and Poka Dot but had to head over there to see what eveyone had done.  I also went over to visit Angie at Thread Needle Studio she has some slip covers to show you too.

My son works for a furniture manufacturer and gets some great furniture, but some of the time it is not upholstered - SO when he got a couch and chair he called and asked me to come and slip cover them. We did them together as he talked with the seamstress on the 'floor' and they showed him how they do it...My son did all the measuring - he is a engineer - and I cut and sewed the pieces..It was very easy once we got going and I think they turned out wonderfully...

We actually took the fabric and used both sides - so the couch is actually darker than the chair.. I also made the pillow from some fabric I had gotten from his work...I have so much fun going there to look at fabrics etc..

Happy Slip Covering!!!


  1. Wow, you and your son did an amazing job on the sofa and chair. How lucky to get furniture from the factory even without the material! I'm so envious!

  2. That is very impressive! Great job.

  3. better late than never I say! Thanks for sharing! Gorgeous work! It looks fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous fabric choice, ingenious to flip it over for different look, nice work!