Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beaded Pictures

I must say my Mother is truly my inspiration for all my creativity.  She has always tried (and perfected ) so many different crafts throughout her life.  She is 82 now and is still doing remarkable things - with that I want to share with you the fabulous beaded pictures she is currently 'into'...

I love poppies and when my Mother heard she painted me a picture (not shown) and then she found this canvass and did it all in beads....She has made numerous pictures - what you see here are the ones I have received

My Mom finds printed canvasses and uses ALL beads rather than floss or yarn..Let me give you a closer look...

This picture took 40,104 beads and took her 400 hours to complete - can you see the beads?? here let me get closer
Isn't it incredible?  It sits on an easel in my living room - certainly is the visual point in that room...
We have a place at the 'Rivah' - my Mom decided that I should have a print for there also...check this out..

Isn't it fun...again let me get a bit closer 
This one has ONLY 26,740 beads and took approximately 180 hours...Just counting the beads and hours is more than I could do....
We just celebrated my Dad's 90th Birthday in December and my Mother decided that she should have gifts for her granddaughters and granddaughters in-law ..guess what that may be???  Yup more beaded pictures

they were all thrilled...  She also let us all  pick 2 pieces of jewelry that she had made...where does she get the energy- we have never figured it out..

Note:  all the painting behind the girls were done by her over the years...whew!!

Here's Mom - she is truly incredible!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing her fabulous handiwork!...I'm sure I will share more as time goes on...

 You HAVE to go visit My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday to see what she is up to...fabulous

On Thursday I went over to Rose Colored Glasses - Thankful Thursday
to say how Thankful I am for my Mom..  Go on by and tell us what you are Thankful for


  1. Wow.What an amazing lady and artist. She must have incredible patience, creativity, and an eye for color and beauty.

  2. Your mom is so talented. You are all very lucky--so much to be thankful for.

  3. Golly gee...! That is incredible! I mean, seriously...those images...all of beads? Marvelous!

  4. Those are totally amazing! I can't imagine spending that much time on a project! She must truly love doing it! I really like your poppy.

  5. These are amazing. I've never seen anything like it. You're so fortunate to have these treasures!

    - The Tablescaper

  6. OMG, you are SO blessed to have such a beautiful (and she is), creative mother. Her work is amazing and I believe you inherited her energy and talent. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. xo,