Saturday, February 20, 2010

Call me CRAZY!!!

What I am about to tell you will surly make you call me CRAZY  -- I wanted to paint our house and my Dear Husband thought we could handle doing the painting ourselves...What he really meant was - I could do the painting!!!  AND I agreed....I know our neighbors thought I was CRAZY when they would drive by and see me on rooftops, extension ladders etc...Last BUT not least - It took FOUR (4) coats to cover the green - took me all summer.  I must admit I did have someone come and do the high parts on the ends - other than that I was the Painter - I was even out there painting on my birthday!  But really - I kinda enjoyed it - the weather was fabulous most the time and I really got a chance to be outside and listen to birds and other creatures..It was quite an adventure...


Do you think the yellow is better than the green?


  1. Well, I'm not sure I'd trust my hubby to do the painting! =)

    Love the yellow. Love the porch even of these days I'm gonna have a porch!

  2. The yellow is soooo much better,a nd so fits the style of the house.
    Drab to delightful!

    blessings, and great job!

    barbara jean

  3. I love yellow houses so you are asking the wrong person, but I think it looks spectacular!

  4. oh wow, bless your heart for all the sweat equity you put in to this. the house looks lovely.