Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I LOVE Quilting

Have I mentioned this before??? I LOVE quilting - I decided today was the day to show you !!! This quilt I made for my son as a wedding gift.  It has 2 1/2" squares throughout - whew...that took me forever to do...I had asked him to look at some of my quilting magazine/books to see what he might like in the event I could get one done for their wedding ;-)...I had already began working on this quilt and wanted to see if he would pick it..WELL - he did!!!! - but he said "I'd love this one but would never ask you to make something with this much work"...WOW - that was great since the work was already in progress!  Guess he is my son!!!!

Another quilt that they received for a wedding gift was made by my Grandmother - she made a quilt for all her Great Grandchildren before she died to be given to them when they married - It was very sweet when he opened that gift, because when he saw who it was from he was at first confused - and then emotional..Grandnanny would have loved the reaction and how much he appreciated her hard work and love. Behind Adam is his bride Aprill and she is looking at some hand towels that my Grandmother had also made. It was very special

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  1. Lovely priceless quilts!

    So much work goes into a quilt, it's amazing, love the colors!

  2. Beautiful Quilt. It was truely a labor of love.

    What a treasure they received. I'm sure by their reaction they will treasure them always.


  3. Your quilt is just amazing! I know you put a lot of hard work into that after the time I spent on my DD's quilt and it's not nearly as detailed. It felt wonderful to give her her gift and I'm sure it feels the same to give this quilt to your son and his wife!

    How sweet of your grandmother to finish up quilts like that...Something that wouldn't be expected but would be cherished forever!

    Thanks for joining in :)


  4. What a beautiful quilt! And what a sweet treasure from your grandmother! I hope that your son will cherish this family heritage.

  5. What a beautiful quilt you made for your son. I love to quilt too. The one you asked about on my is my own design inspired by the blue and white china I have. It's hand appliqued and hand quilted. Thanks for asking about it.

  6. The quilt is beautiful and what a special gift to open. What a thoughtful grandnanny to make special quilts way ahead of time so that they could have a treasured keepsake.

  7. Quilts are so personal and they have such a wonderful history as a craft. I haven't done one since I was a teenager, but I'll have a bigger place soon, maybe then. Your pictures are an inspiration :)